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The Pine Ridge Reservation and Gold Mining

This case study was written by Ellen Dockery, a lower division undergraduate student who is not an earth science major, as part of the DLESE Community Services Project: Integrating Research in Education. The pages in this case study reflect the personal views of the student author and not of MSU, SERC or the NSF.
Oglala Sioux Tribal Flag. Details

This case study will address the destruction of the land of the Lakota Sioux, emphasizing the geological exploitation that was generated by the Gold Rush and subsequent mining. This activity has fostered violations, exploitation and discrimination. The study is dedicated to telling the story of the Lakota Sioux, culminating in an increased awareness so that we may confront the use of power that has proved so detrimental to both the Native Americans and their land.

To get started, view pages, or follow the links below to pages that have been developed to illustrate the events that occurred on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation due to gold mining:

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