Initial Publication Date: October 17, 2007 | Reviewed: December 10, 2020

Induced Infiltration

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Defining pumping of Wells G. and H was an important and contested issue during the trial. The induced infiltration module provides references regarding methods to measure induced infiltration and quantify surface water loss to groundwater from aquifer pumping. This module references different techniques for quantifying groundwater infiltration from streams. The purpose of this information is familiarizing users with the differing methods to quantify Stream loss due to induced infiltration so they can assess the effectiveness of the USGS data used during the trial.

Module design perspective

the USGS used river gauging upstream and downstream of Wells G. and H. prior to, then while the wells were pumped. The net loss measured by gauging was interpreted in as the infiltration rate from the river. Design of this module is intended to provide the user with an appreciation of the advantages and limitations of using this method to quantify infiltration. Issues such as change in the base flow, precipitation and run off, channel lining, etc. all would play a significant role in establishing the infiltration rate. By evaluating a measurement methods along with hydrologic data presented in Module 6-Flooding, a user can form critical evaluations of the accuracy and reproducibility of the USGS data presented in court testimony.

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