Expert Testimony

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Testimony by expert witnesses is unique in a trial because qualified experts can present opinions as testimony, rather than merely stating implicit facts. This module links users to the Federal Rules of Evidence so they can view and interpret the rules regarding qualifying an expert. In addition to the definition of an expert witness, which is referenced in Article X of the Federal Rules of Evidence, information regarding trial exhibits and the form of trial exhibits are included. Links to mock trial videos are provided so that participants in a mock trial can view the courtroom arrangement and determine how to best utilize exhibits in the courtroom and in the mock trial.

Module design perspective

The information presented in this module is intended to give the user the tools necessary to act as an expert witness in a courtroom. This module provides the information that defines an expert, an experts role in court, and the form that exhibits can be used during court testimony. The module is designed to make those portraying characters in a mock trial familiar with the importance of the experts in the original trial. It also encourages mock-trial participants to be original and creative in their approach to presenting their own testimony during the mock trial.

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