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Execution of the mock trial is the capstone of the learning modules which comprise this website. The instructor needs to function as a true sideline coach, both in the efforts leading to the trial as well as when the trial is executed. Knowing how the end goal, the trial, should flow the instructor should be effectively leading participants to prepare for the trial. Corp. includes understanding of the role of the character they are training, becoming proficient in the profession of the character and being able to communicate the characters opinion clearly in a court of law using whatever exhibits that best tell the story. The mock trial will execute more effectively if they trial attorney or actual court judge can serve the role of the mock trial judge. These persons experience will be invaluable to the trial's authenticity and effectiveness of the learning effort. If someone from the legal profession serves as a judge, it would help the overall effort for the instructor and a person to coordinate continually during the pretrial activities.

Module design perspective

The mock trial is intended to provide a public forum for students to interact and communicate. By assigning character roles, students can't appreciate how one person can influence the outcome of the process. Execution of the mock trial should be the most memorable part of this learning exercise, providing students with an experience they can relate to it and appreciate the difficulty conveying science in a lay setting.

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