Post Trial Remediation

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This module serves two purposes: 1. To look at what has been done at Woburn since the trial in efforts to clean up groundwater in the average of the Valley. Reviewing Bair and Metheny's, Remediation of Wells G & H Superfund Site, Woburn, Massachusetts, ( 2002) can provide students information on how big and difficult it was to assess the groundwater situation at the former Woburn well site. The article describes evolution of groundwater modeling and how important this technology is for developing an even more effective assessment of the subsurface conditions at the site. 2. Debriefing after the trial, where the judge and jury describe how they were influenced by the various testimonies. These discussions should be constructive, and at allowing students to understand how easily "simple" concepts can be misinterpreted, which is commonplace in trials.

Module design perspective

This module provides the user with the "what happened after the plaintiffs no longer pursue the case" perspective. The information presented is intended to demonstrate the effort completed as part of the US EPA Superfund program to assess and design remediation for the site. Conducting a debriefing of the mock trial is in Portland for students to access how effective they are trial efforts were. The debrief and juror polling to be done in a positive tone so that students can learn from the problems or misconceptions that occurred as part of examination or testimony.

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