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Few participants in the mock trial are likely to have taken part in a court proceeding or have first-hand experience with the process. Contained in this module are illustrations showing a typical courtroom layout, the location of the judge, the jury box, the witness stand, plaintiffs and defendants tables and the observer's gallery. The illustrations serve two purposes, one, to familiarize the user with the typical court layout so a similar space can be created in a classroom or where ever the trial is to be performed. The second is to allow participants to determine the most effective use of court exhibits. Knowing the courtroom layout will allow participants to accurately scaled exhibits and determine where to place the exhibits so they can be viewed by the jury and judge. Video clips of the Ohio State mock trial are included with this module information to give the user a sense of the trial environment.

Module design perspective

This module was intended to provide visual representation to the trial layout along with suggestions on how participants can prepare for trial activities. Seeing what to expect was important for the creation of this module. This module also stresses that typical of trials, 80% of preparation effort usually occurs within the last 20% of time available prior to the trial. This "sprint to the finish" adds to the reality of the learning experience.

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