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Groundwater Flow to Wells G & H

Using this Module

This module introduces students to the complexity of groundwater flow at the Aberjona River Valley site. The previous two modules provide background on the specific geology (and buried glacial valley complex) and the basics of groundwater flow through porous media. This module examines groundwater removed from the subsurface by pumping wells. This module is enhanced with groundwater animations created by Dr. E. Scott Bair, which illustrate contaminant movement and projects contaminant concentrations in various locations in the subsurface.

Module Design

Stand alone use of this module is possible, but the application may be limited to upper-level geology or environmental science curriculum where students have adequate backgrounds in geology and hydrogeology. evaluating the effect of groundwater pumping as described in this module, is a capstone to the learning efforts of Modules 3 and 4 and is key to effectively describing the potential for pollutants migrating to the Woburn Wells G. and H. This module is used in conjunction with the data from subsequent Modules 6, 7, and 8, which involve flooding as a mechanism to redistribute contaminants in the river valley, infiltration of river water to groundwater and the subsurface movement of contaminants from source to sink. This module helps students to use specific conditions of the Aberjona River site to create arguments regarding the defendants and plaintiffs allegations. Mastery of understanding pumping effects are key to the students ability to answer judge Skinners questionnaire which was posed to the original jury.

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