Simple MATLAB Grader Exercises

Don Baker, McGill University, Earth and Planetary Sciences
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This activity is the first set of Matlab exercises given in a remotely delivered, introductory geochemistry class taught to 1st-semester, 1st-year majors in Earth and Planetary Sciences. ir assignments. Introductory Matlab videos are provided to the students prior to this assignment.

Learning Goals

This activity teaches the very basics of Matlab and gives the students practice in constructing a script file. The practice is done online in Matlab grader.

Context for Use

The class is composed of ~ 10 students who are 1st-year, 1st-semester majors in Earth and Planetary Sciences. The prerequisites for the course are university level calculus, chemistry, and physics, but no prior programming skills are needed. This activity is part of the basic Matlab taught in the course and is designed to give the student the tools to solve geochemistry problems in the course. The students are not taught elegant programming, but instead are taught to write easily understood scripts that can be reused to answer future problems.

Description and Teaching Materials

This is an activity designed to be used with Matlab Grader. The activity teaches simple input and output, loops, and conditional statements. The activity is designed to be given in a remotely delivered course, but can also be used in all courses.

Matlab Video 1 (MP4 Video 75.9MB Aug31 20)
Matlab Video 2 (MP4 Video 111.2MB Aug31 20) 
Matlab Video 3 (MP4 Video 210.2MB Aug31 20) 
Simple Matlab Grader Exercises (Acrobat (PDF) 55kB Aug31 20) 

Teaching Notes and Tips

Note that the programming taught in the course is not elegant.


The assessment criteria are provided in the Exercises and all assessment is done in Matlab Grader

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