Hands-on Introduction to Matlab

Mandoye Ndoye, Tuskegee University, Electrical and Computer Enngineering


Activity is a guided hands-on introduction to MATLAB for freshmen students using the MIT Opencourseware Introduction to MATLAB course. Students go through the lectures and instructor guide students efforts by answering questions.

Learning Goals

Students will learn:
- Variables, scripts, and operations
- Visualization and programming
- Solving equations and curve fitting
- Advanced methods
- Symbolics, Simulink®, file I/O, building GUIs

Context for Use

Educational level: Freshmen with no prior experience with MATLAB.

Description and Teaching Materials

Teaching Notes and Tips

- Students follow the lectures and instructor assist when questions arise.
- Students are required to complete all assignments, which are graded by instructor


Students performed all the assignments, which are evaluated to assess level of MATLAB proficiency.

References and Resources