Switch Case game

Valerie Powers, Columbus State Community College
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A learning activity was a switch case game. Colored cards with variable values on them were passed out. Students were given some code and the class has to act like MATLAB and interpret the code and the card the student had for what each student must do based on the display command instructions. It was a bit like 'Mother May I' game. It worked amazingly well!

Learning Goals

Students had to interpret code and saw different applications of relational and logical operators.

Context for Use

Intro to loops and arrays

Description and Teaching Materials

Switch Case game (Microsoft Word 2007 (.docx) 19kB Aug19 19)

Teaching Notes and Tips

I added funny lines like 'MATLAB didn't say you could stop'. It was kind of like Mother May I game.


They easily finished the activity but what surprised me is that there were almost no one struggling with their switch case homework after the activity! I only used this activity for the first time recently but I was surprised how well the students received doing the activity and really did learn from it!

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