Contribute a Resource

Initial Publication Date: September 17, 2009

Contribute a Resource

We are building resource collections for teaching the process of science. Your contributions will make these collections rich and diverse, and we encourage you to add the resources that you have developed or the tools that you use. We encourage you to contribute to the following collections:

  • A collection of activities and assignments for use in the classroom, lab, and field, as well as out-of-class activities and projects.
    Contribute an activity
    Contribute an activity supplement

  • A collection of course descriptions, with syllabi, that emphasize the process of science. Courses range from high school to graduate level and include a variety of disciplines; you can contribute a course focused solely on the nature and process of science or a science content course that has integrated the process of science.
    Contribute a course
    Contribute a course supplement

  • A collection of text resources, including books and internet resources, that may be useful for teaching the process of science. Submissions will include brief descriptions of the content of the resource and the target audience.
    Contribute a text resource

  • A collection of research articles that describe research in student understanding of the nature and process of science, and effective ways to integrate the process of science into teaching. Submissions should include brief comments about the main findings of the paper.
    Contribute an article

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