Process of Science Course Submission Form

We are creating a collection of courses that highlight ways of integrating the process of science into your teaching. These courses range from a topical introductory science course, like General Chemistry, to courses focused specifically on science as a way of knowing. This form allows you to submit your course; the goal is to concisely communicate to other faculty the key elements of the course so that they can adapt the course to their own environment or use it as a source of inspiration and good ideas. The more information you include, the more useful it will be to your colleagues, so you are strongly encouraged to complete all fields and upload supporting documents.

After you submit this form you will be able to immediately view a page containing your materials and make changes to that page. That means you can come back later to finish your work, but keep in mind that leaving this page before you submit erases the data. To revisit your submission and make changes, you will need a SERC account. Visit the login page to create an account (opens in a new window) if you do not have one already. Make sure to use the same email address to create your account and on this submission form.

You retain all rights to your contributed work and are responsible for referencing other people's work and for obtaining permission to use any copyrighted material within your contribution. By contributing your work to this web site, you agree to license your work (opens in a new window) for non-commercial distribution of the material, provided that we attribute the material to you.

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Thank you in advance for making this contribution!

Course Syllabus
Additional course materials. Please consider combining groups of relevant materials into a single file.