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Virtual events for learning and sharing about teaching geoscience online from NAGT, SERC, and other organizations in the field of education. You can also browse the programs and view webinar recordings, where available, from past events.


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Webinar: Virtually Field Tripping - What Works?
Apr 8 2020 This webinar will present experience and data to support field learning experiences brought to students when learning in situ is not possible. Dr. Ben Kennedy and Dr. Jonathan Davidson will join from New Zealand for the webinar and share their expertise and insights on an innovative educational approach, virtual field trips, and hi-tech gaming, as a way to gain access to otherwise inaccessible situations or localities, such as students drilling into a magma chamber.

Webinar: Science Update: Earth Day in the Context of the Pandemic: A Chance to Reflect on Deferred Action, April 16, 2020
Apr 16 2020 This webinar will describe a framework for reflection on the choices we make each day on the materials we use from the Earth, from the mundane to the exotic, considering disturbances to the landscape to the promise of what to do with a hole in the ground when we are done. Using Earth Day for reflection, NSTA and its partners can begin to form plans for action to last the other 364 days each year.

Earth Institute Live (EI Live)
Jun 29 2020 This online video series begins April 6 and provides educational content to K12 students and educators. The series will feature scientific experts from across the institute in 60-minute live sessions where they will share aspects of their work through lectures, interactive activities, and/or demos.