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How to Use Media to Enhance Teaching and Learning

Media complements instructor-led learning by encouraging students to listen to music, read print materials, or watching a documentary or movie clip. The primary advantage of this approach is that the instructor takes on the role of a facilitator who helps students interpret what they are listening to, reading or seeing. Media can also be student-generated. This approach utilizes asks the student to step into the role of the teacher and create content that will engage learners and help them to master concepts. Lastly, social media can also be used to enhance teaching and learning and it includes varied online technology tools that allow people to communicate easily via the internet to share information and resources.

Instructor-led Learning:

Using media requires that the instructor step outside of the traditional lecture method and facilitate learning by encouraging students to learn through the media. This approach works best when students are primed. If students are not adequately informed about what they are expected them to learn, they will struggle to make the connection between the learning objectives and the media that they are exposed to.

When to introduce media?

Tips if you are new to this method:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Student-generated Learning:

Involving students in creating media encourages collaboration, accountability, creativity, and mastery of ideas and concepts. Importantly, one does not need a large budget, fancy studio, or advanced degree to create original media that is informative, entertaining and educational. An article by Joshua Kim notes that video projects are inexpensive to create and that this approach also encourages non-linear learning.

Instructors do not need to be media savvy. Our students have grown up in the digital age and they are comfortable with technology.

Instructors should help students focus on creating content that is meaningful for the intended audience. Here is a college financial aid contest and a NAFSA video contest featuring college student entries describing their experiences studying abroad. Each of these contests showcase the ability of students to create high-quality videos with targeted messages.

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