The Pedagogy in Action portal provides access to a library with 3 elements:

  • Teaching Methods Modules
    Each module contains a desription of the teaching method, rationale for using it, detailed notes on how to apply it to various educational settings, references, and a set of example activities that showcase the teaching method. The modules all follow a similar format which allows for easy browsing across several different teaching methods.
  • Learning Activities link to site search narrowed to show only activities
    These are one page descriptions (often with additional downloadable materials) of activities written by the educators who use them. A collection of activities can be found at the end of each pedagogic module. Additionally all the activities can found through the site search.
  • Research on Learning Bibliography
    This is a collection of print and web resources that go into more depth about how people learn. In addition to this searchable collection you'll find many of these resources linked to directly from within the pedagogic modules. Development on this collection stopped in 2009. So it does not include more recent resources.

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