How to Teach with a Classroom Response System

Students answering a question independently.

While of a lot of the research and development has been done about the effective use of Classroom Response Systems in large classes, Draper (2002) has documented positive results from classes with as few as 20 students. Regardless of the class size, a Classroom Response System can be coupled with other pedagogical techniques to achieve many benefits to both the instructor and students.

In addition to the information found here, the University of Colorado Science Education Initiative (CU-SEI) and the University of British Columbia Carl Wieman Science Education Initiative (CWSEI) have produced a set of videos about using clickers in the classroom, including one on how to use clickers effectively and another on the importance of explaining to your students why you are using clickers.

Classroom Implementation

These pages address the various elements for successful implementation of clickers in class. They include

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Challenges and Issues to Prepare for

The pedagogical approach and classroom implemention will create different kinds of challenges and issues that will arise both in and out of class. Knowing these issues will save lots of time and email from students asking common questions.

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