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Review exercise for introductory Environmental Science course
Louisa Bradtmiller, Macalester College
This activity could be used toward the end of an Introduction to Environmental Science course (or something similar) as a way to help students review for the exam, and also to make sure they are able to see the ...

Environmental Science Gallery Walk
Rachel Headley, University of Wisconsin-Parkside
Gallery walk activity that relies on students' prior knowledge of environmental issues as an introductory activity in a general education, large-lecture format environmental science class.

Starting a research project for a new environmental science major.
Eileen McGowan, Springfield College
Springfield College is a small private liberal arts college located two miles from downtown Springfield Massachusetts. The college is currently in the process of starting an environmental science program of which I ...

Put out the Fire! Exploring the Effects of Fire-Fighting Foams on Microorganisms using Statistics and Plots
Tess Weathers, Chabot College, Engineering
Objective Analyze a subset of data from a published research paper using MATLAB. This will focus on data manipulation in MATLAB, including reading in text files, for, if, and while statements, statistics, and plot ...

Module 2: Methods in CZ Science
Susan Gill, Stroud Water Research Center; Ashlee Dere, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Susan Gill (Stroud Water Research Center) and Ashlee Dere (University of Nebraska - Omaha) Summary and Overview This module presents basic scientific methods, such as literature searches and graphing (Unit 2.1) as ...

Environmental Research Project
Colin Robins, Claremont McKenna College
The assignment is the development of scientific research project proposal, tailored to a specific range of course-appropriate topics and mimicked after current calls for NSF proposals in Environmental Science, ...

Kinetics of Herbicide Photodegradation
Kristi Closser, California State University-Fresno
This lab activity is designed to connect student's knowledge of reaction rates to actual data and an unfamiliar system (photodegradation of phenylurea herbicides in the presence of various catalysts). Students ...

Introduction to hydrologic model calibration
Matin Rahnamay Naeini, University of California-Irvine
In this exercise, we introduce the concept of model calibration for rainfall-runoff models. We specifically employ a synthetic precipitation data as input to the hydrologic model to generate synthetic runoff. The ...

Synthesizing Marine Data Sets using MATLAB
Diane Fribance, Coastal Carolina University
Students use MATLAB to analyze an oceanographic data set collected in an estuary on a class boat trip, and put it into context using time-series data downloaded from online sources. Some basic oceanographic ...

The Non-linearity of Environmental Change: A coral reef model
Dennis Hubbard, Oberlin College
This is an exercise that is used in an undergraduate, non-major course titled "Coral Reefs: Biology, Geology & Policy". The course uses this popular environment as a proxy for environmental decline ...