Bradlee Wahid Cotton

Science Education Resource Center (SERC)

Carleton College

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Supporting the NAGT community and Earth education with the NAGT webinar series part of Earth Educators Rendezvous:Previous Rendezvous:Rendezvous 2022:Program:Poster Sessions:Wednesday Poster Session
The annual NAGT webinar series serves the NAGT community by showcasing NAGT sponsored programs, projects, and the work of NAGT's Divisions. The webinar series provides professional development opportunities ...

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The Bridging to STEM Excellence Consortium Program part of Transforming Institutions Conference 2023:Program:Poster Presentations
The "Bridging to STEM Excellence" project (BTSE) aims to accelerate changes in teaching through formation of a consortium of national professional development organizations. The BTSE consortium ...


Workshop Participant (37 workshops)

NC-FEW 2023 Invited Workshop
May 2023
Organization-focused Networks as Levers for Change: A Research-based Theoretical Framework to Conceptualize and Advance their Work
June 2021
Promotion and Tenure: Continuing to Evolve University Systems of Academic Reward and Advancement
June 2021

Webinar Participant (46 webinars)

Discussion 3 - Panel on change leadership and change theory
November 2023
A revised dual approach for implementing the FEW Nexus into the curriculum: Combining Design Thinking across Experiential Learning
November 2023
Discussion 2 - What we wish we had known: reflections on leading grassroots change efforts
October 2023