Supporting the NAGT community and Earth education with the NAGT webinar series

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Rory McFadden, Carleton College
Bradlee Wahid Cotton, Carleton College
Mitchell Bender-Awalt, Carleton College

The annual NAGT webinar series serves the NAGT community by showcasing NAGT sponsored programs, projects, and the work of NAGT's Divisions. The webinar series provides professional development opportunities for educators to engage with pedagogy, discuss novel and innovative work in geoscience education, share classroom and professional experiences, and review new teaching materials. We address themes on improving teaching and learning; addressing diversity, equity, and inclusion in Earth education; and engaging with communities and society in Earth education. Educators of all types including K-12, informal education, and higher education, who are interested in learning from experts and their peers to improve Earth education are invited and encouraged to join the discussion.

The one-hour webinars are interactive and include opportunities for engagement and peer-to-peer sharing of expertise. The webinar series planning committee works to organize an annual schedule that highlights ongoing work by the NAGT community. NAGT has also partnered with organizations such as GSA, CUAHSI, AGI, and NASA through shared webinars.

During the last two years, the webinar series has supported long-standing programs and Divisions, built connections with other national organizations, and delivered timely webinars on remote learning. The NAGT webinar series has produced more than 50 webinars for over 7500 registrants and 2500 attendees. Educators have led webinars on inclusive teaching practices, addressing access and accommodations, using large environmental datasets, environmental justice, developing a sense of place, and promoting diversity in the geosciences. The abrupt transition to remote learning led to a set of timely webinars on teaching geoscience online, remote field experiences (partnered with GSA), and an NGSS-ESS mini-series on remote teaching and learning. All of these webinars are available on the NAGT webinar series archive! We encourage everyone to attend these webinars, join the mailing list, and suggest topics for future webinars at the webinar webpage: