2023 Invited Workshop: Advancing FEW-Nexus-based Education through Research

May 11-12, 2023 | Arlington, VA

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The May 2023 workshop, Advancing FEW-Nexus-based Education through Research, will bring together participants from diverse disciplines to drive the future of FEW-Nexus-based education. As a flagship event for the NSF-Funded National Collaborative for Research on Food, Energy, and Water Education (NC-FEW), the workshop will be centered on initiating or continuing efforts to improve practice through design-based education research. Through sessions such as keynote presentations, opportunities for participants to share current work, collaborative visioning exercises, and small group work time, participants will help shape the vision for FEW-Nexus-based education and develop plans for future design-based education research that is grounded in the FEW-Nexus. The workshop will result in an updated NC-FEW community vision for FEW-Nexus-based education and new research teams. The workshop will lay the groundwork for future NC-FEW efforts to inform educational practice.

Workshop Conveners

  • Doug Lombardi, Conference Planning Lead, Chair of the PK-12 Working Group, University of Maryland
  • Hannah H. Scherer, Director of NC-FEW, Virginia Tech
  • Hui-Hui Wang, co-Director of NC-FEW, Purdue University
  • Nicole Sintov, co-Director of NC-FEW, The Ohio State University
  • Chelsie Romulo, Chair of the Postsecondary Working Group, Webinar Lead, Northern Colorado University
  • Anil Kumar Chaudhary, Chair of the Informal/Non-formal Working Group, Penn State

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