Initial Publication Date: September 12, 2006

Red Tide - For Educators

This red tide collection includes activities, assignments, and reading materials created specifically for educators.
  • Investigating the Ocean Algal Blooms. This NOAA computer-based activity is designed to teach students in grades 9-12 how satellite imagery and remote sensing can be used to monitor harmful algal blooms (HABs). This lesson teaches students how to read and interpret satellite images and how to use GIS maps and satellite images to interpret the relationship of HABs and manatee deaths. The activity features a lesson plan and a step-by-step activity containing hyperlinks that connect the student to the relevant images and maps. ( This site is likely no longer available. )
  • Red Tide Activities. This University of South Florida web site contains links to the article "Tiny Toxic Terrors: Harmful Algal Blooms" and four computer-based activities that teach students about various aspects of red tide. Activities include: "Where could they be?," "Is it a plant or animal cell?," "What is bioluminescence?," and "How does plankton shape affect plankton movement?" Each activity contains hyperlinks to pertinent materials, maps, and information to complete the activity. ( This site may be offline. )
  • Red Tide and Harmful Algal Blooms. This Project Oceanography pdf document contains information and activities related to red tide and harmful algal blooms (HABs). The activities and lesson plans are designed for elementary school, middle school, and may be adapted for high school students. Articles include: harmful algal blooms, Florida red tide, implications of harmful algal blooms, and student information about harmful algal blooms. Activities are introduced with background information and include: "Growing Algae" and "Algal Explosion." The document also features activity extension projects and a glossary of terms. (more info)

Other Red Tide Collections

General Collection: Resources such as news articles, web sites, and reference pages provide a comprehensive array of information about red tide and other harmful algal blooms.

Advanced: Compiled for professionals and advanced learners, this red tide collection includes resources such as journal articles, academic reviews, and surveys.

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Additional Resources

For additional resources about red tide, harmful algal blooms, and related topics search the Microbial Life collection.

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