Nanobes and Nanobacteria - General Collection

This collection of online resources such as news articles, web sites, and reference pages provides a comprehensive array of information about nanobes and nanobacteria.
  • How Small Can Life Be. This Space Daily article presents information regarding nanobacteria. The article discusses what a nanobacterium is, the controversy over whether or not something so small can be living, and future research regarding nanobacteria. The article features hyperlinks to key vocabulary, links to related pages, and a color photograph of an enlarged view of bacteria. (more info)
  • Nannobacteria Photo Gallery. This Mississippi State University Geosciences web page contains links to photos of nannobacteria, most taken by Robert Folk, the "Father of Nannobacteria," and F. L. Lynch. The photos are accompanied by brief explanations of each photograph. Images include nannobacteria in hot spring carbonates, clays, space, minerals, the human body, organic matter, miscellaneous, and downloadable images. Images of pseudo-nanobes are also included. ( This site is likely no longer available. )
  • Nanobacteria Research Page. This Mississippi State University Geosciences web page contains detailed information about nannobacteria. It includes a brief history of nannobacteria, information regarding the controversy surrounding them, and implications of their existence. The page also includes a link to a more detailed history of nannobacteria, written by Robert Folk, the "Father of Nannobacteria" as well as a photo gallery. (more info)
  • Nanobacteria: surely not figments, but what under heaven are they? . This Natural Science article, written by the "Father of Nannobacteria," introduces the dilemma of what nannobacteria are and whether or not they should be considered living organisms. It includes an introduction to nannobacteria, information about their discovery and occurrence, and a brief discussion and overview of problems involving classification of nannobacteria. The site also features pictures of nannobacteria. ( This site may be offline. )
  • Nanobacterium. This Wikipedia article contains a brief overview of nanobacteria. It includes information about various claims regarding the existence and evidence that nanobacteria are a form of life. It also includes links to nanobacteria resources. (more info)
  • Nanobe. This Wikipedia article gives a brief description of nanobes, organisms so small that the idea they should be considered as living organisms is contested. The site includes information about claims made about nanobes, discovery, and links to related sites. (more info)
  • Nanobes. This Science Show radio transcript contains an interview with Dr. Philippa Uwins of the University of Queensland. Dr. Uwins discovered a group of organisms in limestone from off-shore Western Australia that are the smallest ever discovered. Since then, Dr. Uwins has been doing some further investigations into the bacteria known as nanobes. (more info)
  • Nanobiology. This Natural Science website contains links to articles associated with nanobes and nanobacteria from various accredited sources. A short summary is included after each entry. ( This site is likely no longer available. )

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Advanced Collection: Compiled for professionals and advanced learners, this nanobe and nanobacteria collection includes resources such as journal articles, academic reviews, and surveys.

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