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This nanobe and nanobacteria collection includes activities, assignments, and reading materials created specifically for educators. This topic can be used in a Socratic questioning classroom activity. Links to general information about this classroom activity and a nanobacteria-specific example are provided in the related links box (below, right).

  • Activity: Is There Really Life on Mars?. This Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) activity explores the controversy over whether or not there is life on Mars. Part of the Mysteries of Deep Space Program that originally aired in April 1997, the activity includes instructional objectives, background information, and discussion/essay questions related to life on Mars. It also features an activity where students can grow microorganisms, examine them under a microscope, and analyze their observations with the aid of follow-up questions. (more info)
  • Nannobacteria Photo Gallery. This Mississippi State University Geosciences web page contains links to photos of nannobacteria, most taken by Robert Folk, the "Father of Nannobacteria," and F. L. Lynch. The photos are accompanied by brief explanations of each photograph. Images include nannobacteria in hot spring carbonates, clays, space, minerals, the human body, organic matter, miscellaneous, and downloadable images. Images of pseudo-nanobes are also included. ( This site is likely no longer available. )
  • Nanobacteria: Are They or Aren't They Alive? . This California State University lesson plan contains materials for a five-part activity regarding whether or not nanobacteria are alive. The case-study based activities include: What does it mean to be alive?; What evidence is there that nanobacteria are alive?; More evidence of life; Corroborating evidence (?); and The final chapter (or is it?). The website contains pertinent general information articles and resource lists for students as well as homework assignments based on readings. An answer key is provided, but may require registration to the Case Study in Science Program. (more info)
  • Bacteria Ballistics: On August 7, 1996, a chunk of rock made front-page news. It was a meteorite from Mars that was believed to contain fossils of one-celled life forms. Although that particular claim is still the subject of much debate, scientists are still intrigued by the possibility that microbes from Mars may have once seeded the Earth. In this Science Update, you'll hear about an unusual experiment that could help provide the answer.

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General Collection: General Collection Resources such as news articles, web sites, and reference pages provide a comprehensive array of information about nanobes and nanobacteria.

Advanced Collection: Compiled for professionals and advanced learners, this nanobe and nanobacteria collection includes resources such as journal articles, academic reviews, and surveys.

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