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Closeup image of biological soil crust.

Life in Extreme Environments: This Nature insight review article "Life in extreme environments" is a detailed description of bacterial prevalence in extreme environments. It includes diagrams and descriptions of the characteristics of extreme habitats that have been shown to harbor identifiable microorganisms. A subscription to Nature ( is needed to view this resource.

Eukaryotes in extreme environments: This article is a compilation of information about free-living eukaryotes in extreme environments. Written in summary form, it includes anaerobes, thermophiles, psychrophiles, acidophiles, alkalophiles, halophiles, barophiles, xerophiles, and organisms in other extreme environments. Including a lengthy list of peer-reviewed references, the author invites new information and is dedicated to routinely updating the site.

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General Collection: News articles, web sites, and reference pages, providing information about the microbes that live in environments without water.

Educational Collection: This collection contains activities, assignments, and reading materials created for educators.

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