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Extreme Ecosystem Found on Earth: This on-line news article reports that a community of extreme-loving microbes has been discovered working together to survive at the bottom of California's strange Mono Lake. Within the hypersaline and alkaline waters of Mono Lake, both chemolithotrophs and organotophs have been discovered. The article suggests that the interdependence of species seems to be conducive to life and shows how the work of microbiologists Richard Hoover and Elena Pikuta contributes to the exploration of life in the Universe.

Life without Volcanic Heat: This site is a news article by NASA Astrobiology Institute featuring Deborah Kelly from the University of Washington. She talks about the navigational challenges of reaching this newly discovered hydrothermal field called "The Lost City", and describes why it's potentially such an important and exciting find. Kelly says that it is a completely different type of hydrothermal system not requiring volcanic heat, and that it has implications for examining early Earth questions and hydrothermal systems on other planets. The find opens the possibility that a much larger portion of the seafloor may host hydrothermal vents (and microbial life) than was previously thought. The site contains descriptions of some of the unique topographical features of the field, and the thermal chemistry that drives the formation of this type of feature.

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