General Collection of Resources on Microbial Life Exposed to High Levels of Radiation

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Featured Resources

  • Radiation-Resistant Microbe Found in Chilean Desert (more info) :The Genome News Network (GNN) reports a new species of Deinococcus bacteria has been discovered in the Atacama Desert in Chile.(more info)

  • Secrets of a Salty Survivor ( This site may be offline. ) :This Science at NASA article reports the ability of the halophilic bacteria Halobacterium to survive lethal doses of radiation, extreme dryness, and the vacuum of space.(more info)

  • Life in extreme environments (more info) :This Nature review article provides a detailed description of bacterial prevalence in extreme environments.(more info)

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    General Collection: Resources such as news articles, web sites, and reference pages provide a comprehensive array of information about radiation tolerant microbes.

    For Educators: This collection includes activities, assignments, and reading materials created specifically for educators.

    Additional Resources

    For additional resources about Microbial Life in Radioactive Environments, search the Microbial Life collection