Microbial Life in Cold Environments Educator Collection

Terminus of Rhone Glacier  Antarctica

Featured Resources

  • Sequencing Microbial Genomes to Uncover Potential Applications Relevant to DOE Missions: This website houses The Microbial Genome Program, genomic sequence data of bacteria studied by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)...(more info)

  • Cold Shock Response and Adaptation at Near Freezing Temperatures in Microorganisms: This Science Magazine article provides information regarding how microbes are able to withstand near-freezing temperatures. This resource may require a subscription and was originally accessed through the BioSciEd Net (BEN) digital resources collection, which is the National Science Digital Library (NSDL) Pathway for biological sciences education. For more teaching resources, please visit BEN to use their searchable database.BEN is free to use, but requires registration.

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    General Collection: Resources such as news articles, web sites, and reference pages provide a comprehensive array of information about psychrophiles.

    Advanced Collection: Compiled for professionals and advanced learners, this collection includes resources such as journal articles, academic reviews, and surveys.

    Additional Resources

    For additional resources about psychrophiles, search the Microbial Life collection.