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The Energy of Rocks

Homework 1_Life-hosting Rocks & Minerals

Julia Kahmann-Robinson PhD and Marjorie Chan PhD, University of Utah Department of Geology & Geophysics


Recognize the energy of the environment by its sedimentary structures.

Corn Syrup and Water Experiments

Watch the following videos:

As you watch the videos compare/contrast the following parameters in Table 1


Corn Syrup


Velocity of flow

Type of structures formed

High or low energy environment

Make an educated guess as to what environments on Earth would show similar structures. Where would you find these environments most commonly? [List at least one environment for the Corn Syrup and Water experiments and 1 region/area where they could be found.]

The Dynamics of Sedimentary Environments

Compare the following environments of deposition (Cathedral Cove & White Sands) according to the following parameters: [Write your answers a-c to the right of the image]

  • Processes at work
  • Strength of weathering and/or erosion
  • Preservation potential of life

Sedimentary Rocks & Structures on Mars

Similar to the previous images, annotate to the right of each image (Escher & Shaler) of Mars:

  • What structures do you see?
  • What is a likely environment of formation?
  • Was the environment high or low energy in your opinion?