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Future Mars Missions and Societal Issues

Julia Kahmann-Robinson PhD and Marjorie Chan PhD, University of Utah Department of Geology & Geophysics
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This learning module and related exercises will expose students the issues of space exploration and the other NASA-partnering agencies and institutions as well as private companies engaged in space-related technology. Students address socio scientific issues and apply the nature of science to real-world decisions regarding human space flight (bold words are also keys in NGSS standards).

Learning Goals

Students will be able to:

Context for Use

This particular module does not apply any Earth analog approaches, but rather exposes students to the philosophy and ethics of privatized vs. government-funded research programs. Students practice with the realities of a cutting a budget in preparation for the Mission to Mars project.

Description and Teaching Materials

Compiled In-Class Activities and Homework

In-Class Activity


Teaching Notes and Tips


Each In-Class Activity and Homework has its own measure of Assessment. 

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