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Some valuable resources for Earth-Mars analog comparisons:

Grotzinger, J.P., and Milliken, R.E., eds, 2012, Sedimentary Geology of Mars SEPM Special Publication, Vol. 102. https://sedimentary-geology-store.com/catalog/book/sedimentary-geology-mars
** Note: this volume is totally open access, so you can access any of the articles and images of these without any purchase or subscription.

Garry, W.B., and Bleacher, J.E., eds., 2011, Analogs for Planetary Exploration, GSA Special Papers 483. http://specialpapers.gsapubs.org/content/483.toc Requires a subscription to Geological Society of America Special Papers.

Chan, M. A., Beitler Bowen, B., Parry, W. T., Ormö, J. and Komatsu, G., 2005, Red Rock and Red Planet Diagenesis: Comparisons of Earth and Mars Concretions: GSA Today v. 15 n. 8, p. 4-10. http://www.geosociety.org/gsatoday/archive/15/8/pdf/i1052-5173-15-8-4.pdf This is an open access pdf.