Initial Publication Date: December 12, 2014

Describe Your Strategies

We are interested in learning about ways that your department or program contributes to teacher preparation and professional development. We welcome your contributions that describe an activity, course, degree program, or professional development program that offers future and current teachers opportunities to learn more about Earth and geoscientific thinking. When you complete one (or more) of these forms, we will turn your submission into a web page and work with you to ready it for publication on the site.

  • Describe an activity you use to teach about Earth for future teachers. Consider submitting:
    • An activity you use in a geoscience content course that is focused on helping future teachers teach Earth science (in the broadest sense),
    • An activity you use in a science methods course that makes use of Earth science content,
    • A practical experience that gets future teachers into the K-12 classroom to teach about Earth and sustainability.
  • Describe a course you offer for future teachers that focuses on Earth. Subjects could include:
    • Geology
    • Oceanography
    • Atmospheric science
    • Environmental science
    • Climate science
    • Sustainability
    • Hazards, risk, and resilience
  • Describe a degree program or specialization in Earth science or sustainability education that is for future teachers. This might include:
    • A secondary science teaching major (BA or BS) in Earth science,
    • A BA or BS degree in Earth or environmental science that is meant to be paired with a professional education program or a post-baccalaureate certification program,
    • A minor in Earth science for teaching or education majors,
    • A minor or endorsement in sustainability education,
    • An MS or MAT in Earth science teaching.
  • Describe a professional development program you offer for in-service (practicing) teachers that focuses on Earth, including geology, oceanography, atmospheric science, environmental science, sustainability, hazards, or climate science.