Faculty Reflection: Maryam Zarei

University of Texas at El Paso, The
Course(s): Intro to Environmental Science course (ESCI 1301)

A Success Story in Programmatic Change

I enjoyed using the inTeGrate course materials in ESCI 1301 as I saw many learning improvements in my students.

The hands one engagement that students experienced with InTeGrate helped improve their retention and understanding of the material. I observed higher exam scores and greater quality of discussions that students provided during class time.

In addition, the students also provided me with positive feedback regarding the InTeGrate module. The students unanimously stated that they enjoyed this teaching method more than the traditional lecture style. I observed greater peer-to-peer sharing of knowledge and greater collaboration between the students and with me. This method allowed the students to have more face-to-face interactions with me in a friendly environment; this method was particularly effective with the more timid students in class that otherwise wouldn't speak up.

Incorporating InTeGrate Materials

The students completed an InTeGrate module on wastewater. They calculated how long it took toxic waste to move through different types of soil into water supply. This helped students quantify the concepts that they were learning and gain a better appreciation for the environmental issues at hand.


I substituted one of the chapter lectures from my course with an InTeGrate module and added more activities for them to complete so that they could gain a better understanding of the chapter's material. I also provided some links to videos for the students to watch before coming to class so that we could further discuss the case in class.

Outcomes and Evidence

The students showed improved test scores on exam questions that covered the topic discussed in the InTeGrate module. Students also demonstrated better retention and understanding of the material in the long term in future course discussions.