Module/Course Description and Timeline Form

Completion of this form initiates establishment of contracts for stipend payment and webspace for a materials development team. This form is used by both module and course development teams. (For more information see Information for Materials Development Teams (opens in new page).

If you are attending an author orientation meeting, you will not need to complete this form. You will instead use an abbreviated form and work on the substantive portions (below) with your team at the meeting.

Please submit only one form per team. Before filing out this form, you should communicate your responses with your team. We encourage you to compose your answers to the longer questions in a word processor and to cut and paste the resulting text into this form. This gives you access to conveniences like spell checking as well as the opportunity to communicate with your team, save your responses and reflect on your work before submitting. You must hit the 'Submit' button to upload your information. Please note that you will not be able to return to this form to edit your information. The form must be finished completely and submitted in order to receive your contract.

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