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Materials Development Expectations & Payment

To be sure that the materials that are created are of the highest standard, there are several expectations of team members that must be met. This page outlines the expectations of teams and also discusses when authors will be paid the $15,000 stipend for their work.


Requirements for Receiving Stipends

Team members will each receive a $15,000 stipend for successful completion of the module including authoring, testing, revising, and publishing the teaching materials and supporting materials for faculty. Stipends are restricted to faculty at US institutions who are citizens or permanent residents. Geoscientists and educators who are not teaching introductory geoscience are welcome to participate in InTeGrate materials development teams as volunteers or with support from other sources. If warranted, reduced stipends may be available to support participation in only materials development or only testing aspects of the work.

In order to receive a stipend, contributors must:

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