• Benjamin Crosby, Idaho State University
  • Bruce Douglas, Indiana University
  • Beth Pratt-Sitaula, UNAVCO

UNAVCO field engineers

  • Diana Krupnik, UNAVCO
  • Sam Beane, UNAVCO


The main bullets show the primary instructor from each institution. The rest of their team (if any) and student observers are shown below them.

  • Alex Bradley, Washington University in St. Louis
    • Bill Winston, Washington University in St. Louis - co-instructor
  • Ben Edwards, Dickinson College
  • Daniel Childers, Delaware County Community College
  • Jacki Klancher, Central Wyoming College
    • Christian Harder, ESRI - co-instructor
    • David Smith, University of Redlands - co-instructor
  • Lucas Ward, Rocky Mountain College
  • Steven Lundblad, University of Hawaii Hilo
  • Seth Campbell, University of Maine / Juneau Icefield Research Program
    • Kristin Schild - co-instructor
    • Graduate assistants
      • Nick Whiteman (PhD)
      • Scott Braddock (PhD)
      • Jon Maurer (MS)
      • Mikaila 'Kailey' Mannello (MS)
    • Undergraduate observers
      • Emily Holt
      • Jordan Farnsworth
      • Max Burtis
      • Mike Keedy

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