Initial Publication Date: October 12, 2020

Virtual Mini Short Course Series

The mini short course series was held during the 2020-2021 academic year.

This virtual short course series is designed to support undergraduate instructors interested in using GETSI modules. Each mini-course is two hours long and will focus on one of the published GETSI modules. Unlike a webinar, these mini-courses will include interactive opportunities for instructors to actually work through parts of student exercises, discuss ideas with peers, and work on implementation planning.

The mini-courses are intended for undergraduate instructors: college and university faculty (including adjunct), post-docs expecting to teach soon, and graduate students with teaching or TAing responsibilities. Secondary K-12 teachers are also welcome; the introductory level modules have been successfully adapted to K-12. You may attend multiple mini-courses and receive the $50 stipend for each. Maximum of 50 registrants per mini-course.

All mini-courses and GETSI teaching modules are available free.

Mini-courses have these elements

  • Watch ~7 minute video (MP4 Video 10.4MB Oct20 20) prior to the first mini-course you attend
  • Participate in the full 2-hour session
  • Complete an Implementation Planning Form by the Sunday following the mini-course (expected time ~20-30 minutes; you will have some time near the end of the 2-hour session but may need to take a bit of additional time to complete your plan and feedback).
  • $50 stipend* for participants who complete the Implementation Planning Form by the deadline. Must be US citizen or permanent resident to receive stipend; however others are welcome to participate without compensation.

*Must be US citizen or permanent resident to receive stipend; however, others are welcome to participate without compensation.
You may attend multiple mini-courses. Stipends will be compiled and sent out after the end of the term during which the mini-course was held.

Past Mini-courses


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