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A web page will be created from your submission below and will become part of a collection of activities and assignments for Teaching Geoethics Across the Curriculum. The information you provide here will be used to create a web page describing your activity. You are encouraged to upload files to accompany your example.

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There are two ways to use this form:
  1. Fill out part of the form and edit the resulting web page directly. After you submit this form you will immediately be able to view a page containing your materials and make changes to that page. You will be able to add information, upload supporting materials, change the page title, or make any other changes you would like. In this case, all you have to enter on this form is your name, email address, and course title. (If you don't enter your email address on this form, you won't be able to edit the page. Note: your email address will NOT be posted on the activity webpage). To edit your page in future web sessions, just call up the URL for your page-in-progress; you will be asked for your SERC account (your email address attached to this page, and a password that you will make up), and then you can go ahead and edit your page directly by typing or pasting new text.
  2. Fill out the entire form and wait for us to make it into a web page. If you choose not to make your submission into a page yourself, SERC staff will take care of making your submission into a page. This process usually takes a few days, although just before a workshop it may take longer. Note: If you choose this route, you must fill out the entire form in a single session and complete all fields. If you intend to do this, please read through the form and make sure that you have all of the information you will need before you begin. Prepare your input for the various headers in a standard word processing program, and then cut and paste the information into the form. Please pay careful attention to spelling and grammar; we will not proofread your submission before we make it into a page.
Thank you in advance for sharing your activity!

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Please briefly describe the explicit goals that are addressed in this activity, including the following three areas

Ethical Principles Addressed in this Exercise

Please provide a short description of the key ethical principle(s) that are addressed in this exercise. Does this activity address one of the four themes addressed at the Teaching GeoEthics workshop: Personal Ethics, Professional Ethics, GeoEthics and Society, GeoEthics and Earth (or Enviromental Ethics)?

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Materials and Handouts

Please upload and describe the materials and handouts that were used either during the activity or in preparation for it. You may provide links to these resources if they already exist on the web. You may also upload copies of these documents for inclusion in the page. Example materials could include: the student assignment handout, field guides, maps, and locality descriptions. Also be sure to mention any special equipment that is necessary for the activity. These are the documents that faculty should be able to print out, perhaps modify for specific courses, and distribute to students to do as a class assignment.


Please upload any images you would like to include of students engaged in the activity, the field site, or other images related to this case study. We will help you post these images on your activity webpage, in part for aesthetics of the page, but mostly to be used to represent the ethical issue you are addressing.