Exploring Geoscience-related Careers through Sustainability

Tuesday 1:30pm-2:40pm
Share-a-thon Part of Tuesday


Sequoyah McGee, American Geosciences Institute


In this session, AGI will present a poster that highlights resources, including AGI's Career Explorer, a website that allows users to discover geoscience-related careers and the many pathways into geoscience careers.


The American Geosciences Institute (AGI) has created free online resources for students to explore and get excited about careers in the geosciences that can help to develop solutions to many of the problems faced by humanity, as defined by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). A featured resource, AGI's Career Explorer site, also makes connections to careers that benefit from a background in the geosciences, even if geoscience is not the primary focus of their work. Through this session, participants will be introduced to strategies and resources to bring discussions that address current student concerns and priorities, especially with respect to challenges and opportunities in their communities, into schools.


This growing collection is designed to help students and teachers in middle and high school, as well as informal and college instructors identify a range of careers based on or related to geoscience discipline or occupation.

Why It Works

The work of geoscientists and others who apply geoscience knowledge can help society protect the environment, respond to natural hazards, and use natural resources responsibly. This makes careers in geoscience vital, fascinating, and rewarding. AGI's Career Explorer allows students to explore numerous careers by selecting their interests and the global issues they would most like to address, by way of SDGs.