Exposure To How an Industry Applies Science

Monday 2:30pm Tate 105


Corine Prieto, VIDL Network

Modern learning science suggests that reading and studying a topic alone is not sufficient to gain working knowledge. Proficiency is gained through the practice of the topic. Students today face competition from the world market when entering the job market.

At VIDL Network, our purpose is to combine online training sessions with real-data-industry-based projects to reinforce learning. Our main objective is to make available to the Professor modules that inform students of what a 'science' can do, how it is used and why.

The University professors can design via the VIDL Network class supplements or laboratory techniques to accomplish a level of proficiency. They have options regarding how to navigate the VIDL Network website:
- Individual module(s) can be selected to discuss a specific topic for a segment of the course.
- Series of modules consisting of text & videos are available that introduce students to various science applications. Examples would be a 9-video series on Airborne Gravity Gradiometry, a 4-video series Introduction to Radiometric Data Acquisition or a 3-video series on Contouring an Isopach Map.
- There are number of modules with corresponding projects. The Professor can select based on the level of expertise of the student. Example would be a 2-module with project on Stormwater Environmental Compliance.
VIDL Network has also built a Resources Center available to the student and Professor. In the Center is a Reference Library which can be used to develop reading lists. We have started to build a 3D Bouguer Gravity database available for download which can be used for various geophysical/geological studies.

The VIDL Network has over 90 modules on various topics: introduction to geophysical techniques, specific data enhancement techniques; discussion and definition of geophysical/geological basement structure; qualitative interpretation of datasets such as radiometrics, gravity/magnetics, organic chemistry lab tools and environmental compliance.

Presentation Media

Explore The Visual Interactive Data Library for Applied Sciences (PowerPoint 2007 (.pptx) 6.3MB Jul8 22)