End of Workshop Evaluation - Teaching for a Changing World: Water resources and melting ice

Workshop Perceptions

Your responses to this survey will be kept confidential. The conveners and leadership will not see your name associated with your responses. We would like you to enter your name below so the evaluator can ascertain who has completed the survey. We also ask for your email and address to facilitate stipend payment. Your name, email, and address will be removed from your survey responses and given to the conveners separately. Your responses will then be shared verbatim with the workshop conveners, dissociated from your name.

We may use direct quotes to illustrate important points in project reports, professional publications, or conference presentations, as described in the GETSI evaluation, but when individual quotes are used, any identifying information will be removed to protect anonymity.

1. I expect to use the following modules in my course/s in the future: (Please select the best answer for each module.)

7. Please rate your readiness to use the teaching resources presented during this short course.

8. Please rate the workshop format and facilitation.

9. Indicate the particular module(s) for which you would like to Join the Community of faculty users. You will get updates as the materials evolve and have access to discussions among your peers about how they are using the materials. (Check all that apply.)

How much do you agree or disagree with the following statements? So far at the Rendezvous:

These questions are optional.
(NSF is interested in the demographics of participants in NSF sponsored projects.)

3. To which group(s) do you identify? Select all that apply.

5. Please select the ethnic group(s) that compose more than ~10% of your institution's student population (if applicable).

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