Experiences and Perceptions of the iClicker Cloud Classroom Response System in a Large, Introductory Geoscience Course

Thursday 1:45pm TSU - Humphries: 203


Sean Bryan, Colorado State University
Classroom response systems provide a method of increasing engagement, facilitating active learning, and allowing formative assessment in large courses. Our introductory physical geology course at Colorado State University (Exploring Earth: Introduction to Physical Geology) typically enrolls 500-600 students across two sections each semester. This course is a part of our All University Core Curriculum and enrolls students from across the university. We have used the iClicker Classic response system, which uses dedicated remotes and a receiver in the classroom, in this course for over five years. During the Spring 2019 semester, we piloted the use of the iClicker Cloud classroom response system, as a part of a trial period prior to university adoption. In the iClicker Cloud system, students respond to questions using an internet-enabled device (phone, tablet, or laptop), and responses are transmitted over the wireless internet network. In this presentation, I will discuss my experience using the iClicker Cloud system, addressing the advantages, disadvantages, learning outcomes, and student perceptions as compared to the iClicker Classic system.

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