Expanding the perspective and offerings of the Traveling Workshop Program

Thursday 2:00pm Northrop Hall: 340


Rory McFadden, Carleton College
Cathy Manduca, Carleton College
The Traveling Workshops Program (TWP) has been strengthening departments and courses by offering workshop opportunities for departments and groups to examine such topics as program design, curriculum mapping, action planning, active learning, and course design. Starting in 2017, the TWP is building on these foundations to expand their offerings to include interdisciplinary programs, designing societally relevant courses, and a greater focus on supporting all students.
The Traveling Workshop Program brings national leaders in environmental, sustainability, and geoscience education to your campus, regional, or national event. The TWP focuses on opportunities to strengthen both courses and programs. It brings together expertise from numerous NSF funded projects including the On the Cutting Edge, InTeGrate, SAGE, and GeoNeeds. The TWP is a part of NAGT's integrated Workshop Program.
Within the TWP, there are six workshop themes that host institutions can choose from. Within each of these themes there are numerous sessions and topics that can be combined to produce a workshop that is the most beneficial to your department, program, or group. In addition, workshop themes can be combined if the host institution is interested in addressing course-level and department- or program-level issues. Workshop themes include: 1) Geoscience and Environmental Science Departments; 2) Cross-Campus Environmental and Sustainability Programs; 3) Earth Science in K-8 Teacher Preparation Programs; 4) Supporting the Success of All Students; 5) Intro and Upper-Level Courses; and 6) Effective and Societally Relevant Courses. Dependent on workshop theme, participants will have a combination of the following: Strategies and approaches that have worked for others in the US and Canada; a collection of resources, including department best practices, curricula, courses, modules, and activities, on the topic(s) of their choice; and a departmental, program, or individual action plan for moving forward. Learn more and view the program details at http://nagt.org/nagt/profdev/twp/index.html.

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