Broadening Student Exposure to Sustainability: New Course Development

Wednesday 11:30am-1:30pm UMC Aspen Rooms
Poster Presentation Part of Sustainability and the Environment


Barbra Sobhani, University of Colorado at Boulder
Lynnette Hoerner, Red Rocks Community College
At Red Rocks Community College, our science department has made an interdisciplinary effort to incorporate sustainability into non-major science classes through curriculum development. New labs and activities that deal directly with sustainability have been written for geology, physics and general science classes of all levels. In addition to infusing existing curriculum, we developed several new course offerings to expand student exposure to sustainability and energy issues. Energy Science and Technology (PHY107) is an introductory level, lab-based course exploring many aspects of energy. Introduction to Climatology (MET151) is a new lecture course for non-science majors. Science and Society (SCI105) is a lecture course that focuses heavily on energy and climate change. ENV 110 is a lecture course on Natural Disasters with an emphasis with climate change. Field Studies in Energy (PHY208) is a field course that will allow students to study energy topics in locations such as Iceland, Colorado, and Wyoming. These new offerings are generating student interest and excitement about energy, climate, and the relevance of sustainability in their lives.

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