Tools Supporting Open-Access and Community Developed Curriculum

Tuesday 3:00pm REC Center Large Ice Overlook Room
Oral Presentation Part of Collaborating Across the Curriculum


Matt Lauer, Carleton College
Sean Fox, Carleton College
The development and dissemination of community-driven, open-access curricular materials is a key element in the evolution of undergraduate education. It offers a mechanism through which the community of educators can distill and share best practices. An important enabling agent is the availability of toolsets that support both the development and dissemination processes.
Over the past decade SERC has worked with the education community, through a series of projects and collaborations, to develop just such a toolset. It serves as an exemplar for the affordances necessary to move open education publishing forward. It includes frameworks that reflect best practices in curriculum design and that facilitate cross-institution collaborative authoring. It provides mechanisms for community feedback and evaluation through peer review tools and collection of cross-institutional student assessment data. Its publishing tools includes specific supports for the flexible adaptation, modification and reuse that is the promise of open education materials. This model system and its iterative development serves as a case study for the challenges and opportunities of the community-driven curricular model.

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