NASA Geospatial Data: Creating a Buzz in the Earth Science Classroom

Friday 1:30pm REC Center Large Ice Overlook Room


Jeannie Allen, SSAI at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Over 40 years of Landsat data on changes in Earth's lands over time are publicly available at no cost to users. The goal of this session is to put data download and analysis capabilities in to the hands of learners. Session participants will learn how to download and open Landsat scenes of their choice, using different combinations of wavelengths, to analyze local and regional change. They will gain understanding of how Landsat works and what undergraduates can do with the data; and they will find out where to obtain more resources for learning and teaching.
The example in this rapid-learning 15 minute tutorial will investigate change over time, applying analysis tools to Landsat images of the Columbia Glacier: one of the most rapidly retreating glaciers in the world. You will walk away with an annotated list of Landsat Resources for Educators.