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Monday: Defining what practitioners in your course's subdiscipline actually do and creating measurable course goals.

8:30-9:00 Introduction, workshop goals, first steps: why focus on upper division courses?

9:00-9:15: Your course context

9:15-10:00: What do you do as a practitioner? Small group break-out and sharing

10:00-10:15 Break

10:15-11:15: Overarching goals: developing your own

11:15-11:30 Daily reflections and feedback:

Homework: Have a draft statement of your overarching goal(s) for your students. One litmus test for these: can you actually assess student learning on these goals? Also, brainstorm a list of ancillary goals or specific skills goals that you think your course should achieve.

Tuesday: Ancillary goals and creating a course plan to support your goals

8:30-8:40 Overview of the morning

8:40-9:45: Sharing your overarching goals in small groups and with the larger group

9:45-10:00: Break

10:00-10:45: Ancillary goals

10:45-11:15: What content will allow you to achieve your goals? Developing a course plan that supports your goals.

11:15-11:30: Wrap-up and feedback

Homework: Outline a part of your course in sufficient detail to demonstrate how the content and activities you intend to pursue support your overarching goal(s) and [some of] your ancillary goals.

Wednesday: Creating content to support your goals and to fit your plan

8:30-8:40 Overview of the morning

8:40-9:00:Some examples of courses that use this methodology

9:00-10:00: Work time in interest groups on developing your course plan (or a plan for a portion of your course). Use what you did as homework as the jumping off point for this work.

10:00-10:15: Break

10:15-11:15: Continue, but try to create a poster or an outline of what you've completed so far. Try to have some kind of hard copy that you can share.

11:15-11:30: Closing and End of Workshop Evaluation Survey