Participants & their Contributions

The following people participated in the 2007 workshop on "Connecting Geoscience Departments to the Future of Geoscience: New Structures for Research and Curriculum." Each of them submitted information about a program or a course at their institution that connects their department to the future of science. Click on the names of programs or courses to read about them. Alternatively, see the collection of courses. Participants also presented posters at the workshop; to download a poster, click on its title.

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Gregory Baker, University of Tennessee
Program: Earth & Planetary Sciences
Poster: What's In A Name? (A Success Story--Thus Far--about a Departmental Name Change) (PowerPoint 1.8MB Apr24 07)

Karen Bartels, Northeastern Illinois University
Course: Chicago Rocks! Geology in the City'
A General Education Geology Course Designed for a Place-Based First-Year Colloquium

Paul Bierman, University of Vermont
Course: Earth Hazards
Poster: [file 8504 'Can we design a graduate program where solving pressing environmental problems, not building disciplinary identity, is the focus? (PowerPoint 4.2MB Apr25 07)

Simon Brassell, Indiana University
Course: Oceans and Our Global Environment
Poster: Varied Approaches to Geoscience Learning (Acrobat (PDF) 29.4MB Apr24 07)
Presentation: Opportunities in Global Change and Geobiology/Biogeochemistry

Erin Campbell-Stone, University of Wyoming
Program: Earth System Science
Poster: Earth System Science: A New Program of Study at the University of Wyoming (Acrobat (PDF) 19MB Apr24 07)

Joe Elkins, Bowling Green State University
Course: GeoJourney
Poster: Development of an interdisciplinary, field-based geoscience course for introductory-level students (Acrobat (PDF) 243kB Apr30 07)

Mark Fischer, Northern Illinois University
Program: Environmental Geoscience
Poster: Using Program Emphases to Satisfy the Diverse Interests of Geoscience Students (Acrobat (PDF) 44.4MB Apr24 07)

John Fountain, North Carolina State University
Program: Hydrogeology
Poster: Integrating Research in a Geology Curriculum (PowerPoint 7.6MB Apr11 07)
Presentation: Future Research Trends in Environmental Geology and Hydrogeology

Richard Langford, University of Texas at El Paso
Course: Geoscience Processes
Poster: Integrating Research into teaching and outreach: from Ph.D. to High School (Acrobat (PDF) 3MB Apr25 07)

Nicole Molders, University of Alaska Fairbanks
Program: Atmospheric Science
Poster: Atmospheric Science Program as a link for hypotheses on the changing Arctic system (Acrobat (PDF) 10.3MB Apr11 07)

Virginia Peterson, Grand Valley State University
Program: Integrated Sciences
Poster: Opportunities and challenges associated with geoscience curriculum reform: perspectives from two predominantly undergraduate public institutions (PowerPoint 192kB Apr25 07)

Kevin Pogue, Whitman College
Program: Environmental Studies
Poster: Developing Opportunities for Undergraduate Geological Research at Whitman College (Acrobat (PDF) 13MB Apr24 07)

Maribeth Price, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
Program: Applied Geology Specialization
Poster: Renovating Geoscience Labs for the Future (PowerPoint 2.9MB Apr13 07)

Martin Saar, University of Minnesota
Program: Fluids in the Earth
Course: Geodynamics
Poster: Geodynamics-based Core Curriculum @ the University of Minnesota (UMN) - Twin Cities, (PowerPoint 2.9MB Apr24 07) Saar & Whitney

Priscilla Skalac, Olivet Nazarene University
Course: Geographic Information Systems
Poster: Broadening the Applicability of Geosciences via a GIS Course (PowerPoint 4.7MB Apr25 07)

John Szabo, University of Akron
Course: Undergraduate Research Problems
Poster: Undergraduate Research (PowerPoint 31.1MB Apr11 07)

Gina Tempel, University of Nevada Reno
Program: Hydrologic Sciences
Poster: Graduate Program for Hydrologic Sciences, University of Nevada, Reno (PowerPoint 3.9MB Apr24 07)

Arlo Weil, Bryn Mawr College
Course: Quantitative Natural Hazards
Poster: Using Interdisciplinary Science Concentrations and Field Trips to Bolster Liberal Arts College Geology Department Enrollments (PowerPoint 11.6MB Apr20 07)

Donna Whitney, University of Minnesota

Program: Fluids in the Earth
Course: Geodynamics
Poster: Fluids in the Earth, from Surface to Core: a Transdisciplinary Theme in Research & Education, (PowerPoint 8.3MB Apr24 07) Whitney & Saar
Presentation: Frontiers in Solid Earth Geoscience

Larry Wilding, Texas A&M University
Poster: Advancing the Frontiers of Soil Science Towards a Geoscience (PowerPoint 17.7MB Apr24 07)

William Woessner, The University of Montana
Course: Global change
Poster: "The Discovery Continues"... Do Mid-sized Univesity Geoscience Departments Need to Evolve? (PowerPoint 374kB Apr24 07)


Workshop Conveners

Tim Bralower, Department Head and Professor of Geoscience, The Pennsylvania State University

Poster: Undergraduate and Graduate Curricula for the 21st Century (Acrobat (PDF) 56kB Apr27 07)
Geoff Feiss, Provost and Professor of Geology, College of William and Mary
Cathy Manduca, Director, Science Education Resource Center, Carleton College

Keynote Speakers

Eric Barron, Dean, Jackson School of Geosciences, University of Texas at Austin
Presentation: Where is our research going? A perspective on the next 25 years
Kip Hodges, Director of the School of Earth and Space Exploration, Arizona State University
Presentation: Beyond Earth System Science
Mary Savina, Professor of Geology and Environmental Studies, Carleton College
Presentation: How can geoscience curricula prepare students for the future?

SERC personnel

Ellen Iverson, Science Education Resource Center, Carleton College
Carol Ormand, Science Education Resource Center, Carleton College