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Glenn Adelson

Associate Professor and Director of Environmental Studies
Lake Forest College

I am fresh off teaching a course, "Who Speaks For Animals?" that explores the idea of human understanding of animal interests, with an emphasis on the variation in human understanding and the variation in animal interests. I have worked as a restoration ecologist, both in Africa and Central America. My work in Africa involved questions of what to do about national parks that have been depopulated of their native large animals by war and poaching.

I am working on a series of papers on this topic and I hope to be inspired by the discussions in this seminar to finish at least a couple of them. Their working titles are: "Against Against Zoos," "Epistemology and Michael Vick," "On Burns's 'To A Mouse,'" "Tell Me What You Eat and I'll Tell You What You Kill," "Abolitionists and Animal Rights Activists," and "What Is an Animal?"