Considering Animals in Washington D.C.

July 8-18, 2012

The Considering Animals Seminar will bring together faculty in the Washington, DC, area to explore how humans and animals interconnect and how understanding animals helps us better understand human nature.

Seminar Overview

Learn more about the Cross Disciplinary Approaches that will be utilized as a part of the seminar, some of the Resources in the DC-Area that will be available to participants in their work, the Curricular Projects that participants will develop over the 2012-13 academic year, and the Seminar Group itself.

The Work of the Seminar Group

Seminar participants can access the private Discussion Board and Workspace. There is also a reading list that will be added to over the course of the seminar and the following years' work.

Information for Seminar Participants

Participants in the Seminar have agreed to meet the set of Expectations established by the leadership team. Information for participants about Logistics and Honoraria is also available. Participants can find answers to Frequently Asked Questions on the FAQs page.

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