General Information

Participant Expectations

Members of the 2012 Seminar group must be available for the full duration of the visit and plan to take part in all scheduled activities during the seminar. Seminar members will arrive on Sunday, July 8, 2012, and depart on Wednesday, July 18, 2012.

Pre-seminar: Seminar members will be expected to provide input on the design of the seminar and to complete preparatory reading and writing assignments. They should also submit an individual biography and team biographical information.

Post-seminar: An important outcome of the SAIL seminars will be new courses, sequences, modules, or faculty collaborations for helping upper-level undergraduates make connections across disciplines and cultures and synthesize the work of their disciplinary majors. While projects may not be fully completed in academic year 2012-13, given campus policies and requirements, participants are expected to employ pilots or create detailed designs for implementation and to submit required reports to ACM detailing their progress.

Travel & Lodgings

The Mellon grant will fully fund travel to and from the site, and all lodging, meals, and travel during the seminar for all participants. Travel to and from the site, and accommodations on site, will be arranged in advance and coordinated by ACM staff.


All seminar participants will receive an honorarium of $2,500. Receipt of the honorarium will be contingent on full participation in the work of the seminar, including preparatory and follow-up work, and completion of a curricular project in the ensuing academic year.